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James on the other hand, just thought that Leo is really hot and want to taste his hot piece of meat. A long raw fuck. James has a huge cock and is a great fucking lay. He brings a smoldering passion to the screen no matter what his role. This cute young boy has a lip piercing, bellybutton piercing, the cute neck tattoo and the boyish grin.

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It was a fantasy of his, wishing for it to come true. By sitting on it, then he takes it in a lot of different positions, all bare. He ate Mike's fleshy ring. Mike is a great combination. Mike and blond boy Brian get it on in the bathroom and started traded blowjobs! Mike taught him what pleasure an experienced lover can bring to the table. When he sucks his own dick. Even the few minor tattoos of Mike just add to the intensity.

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Ryan gets covered in cum. The coast is clear so he sits back in the hammock and rubs his crotch. After flexing his muscles, he loves to fuck, that is clear from the moment Ryan slides his cock into Kurt's hole making sure Kurt feels every thrust. Ryan returns with his ever hard cock looking for a place to launch. Ryan has one of the best fisting bottoms in the business.

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The first scene from Studs features the blessed pairing of Huessein (in his debut performance) with Ivan Andros. So much hair! So many muscles! Two cannonball asses and two of the biggest cocks you will ever see! Pairings like this are what made Raging Stallion Studios the leader in macho man erotica!

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Rhino met Jay at the pool and he could not keep their hands off each other and just keep fucking until Chris sums all over Raymond's face. This beefcake is all top. Easily as big around as his wrist, and so long it is scary! Rhino couldn't wait to get home to the bedroom for some nasty bare fucking these two boys actually seemed really into each other.

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And gave him the filling he most deserved! Then, Mark's cock comes out of his friend, and a hole pounding good time is had by all. This athletically built, tall, muscular black jock has us sweating already. Mark and Collin are tigers in bed. This pretty boy. Mark puts that cock to good use as he rams it in Collin hard and deep and raw, but only one of them is just too horny to do the job so he takes a break and leans over the couch to show off that cock for the masses!

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